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Et Tu Norris!

29 Dec

    I want to throw up I want to punch the wall hell i want to punch myself in the face. I bleed Wine and Gold.  You think it could never happen to you it only happens to other people. How did this happen one minute I am living my normal life then next thing you know I am watching the Miami Heat and cheering for them. Why why why?                                                                                  Why did Norris Cole have to go to of all teams the Miami Heat? It really makes it hard to hate them!  I want to hate them!  But know I can’t root against Cole. Watching him play at Cleveland State how he was a great guy off and on the court. And how he helped Cleveland State become a very good Basketball school after so so so many really bad seasons. I will not root against him.            And it makes me sick that he plays for the enemy. He did not ask to play the there but honestly it worked out perfectly for him and the Heat. He gets to a chance to win  multiple champions play with some of the greatest players of this generation. And the Heat get a very smart player who knows when he needs to be a scorer and when he needs to be a facilitater. I would trust his late game instincts more that the self confessed King!                                                So  how do I root for him if he plays well the Heat will win for sure if he plays bad it is a toss up. This is like like like…?Well I can not come up with  reasonable analogy for this travesty. I guess there is only one solution drink heavly during the NBA finals!



Hello world!

27 Dec

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